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The Most Southerly meeting of the Patcham Youthless Club!

Was this the most southerly meeting of the Patcham Youthless Club? 

Members of the "Antipodes Sub-Committee" held an extraordinary meeting at Waihi, which is well South of Auckland.  Bernie Gebbles visited New Zealand and helped to consume several NZ ales    of course!!. This was an even more Southerly reunion of Youth Club members than when Roy Langley visited last year! Committee members Gordon Fryer and Maggie Waterhouse (now Jones) were in attendance.

Waihi was the site one of New Zealand's largest gold mines, known as the "Big Hole". It originally had a steam pumping engine built by Cornish miners. When the "Big Hole" needed to be expanded, the pump house was moved about 200 feet away from the edge.

The March 2010 report

The newly formed "Antipodes Sub-Committee" held it's first meeting at the Barracuda Restaurant, Half Moon Bay, Pakuranga, New Zealand on Saturday 13th March 2010. 

Those present were Gordon Fryer, Maggie Gething (Waterhouse) and Roy & Veronica Langley. Whilst no formal resolutions were made, the food was excellent and was washed down with a particularly tasty bottle of Australian Merlot.

Half Moon Bay, Pakuranga

Baracuda Restaurant

The Sub-Committee

Earnest Discussions

It was decided that this committee will meet on a regular basis, the next meeting is scheduled for March 2012, unless an emergency meeting is called for!